Sunday, July 15, 2012

French Macaron

"You're so French-y!" was what my mom said when she saw me in this outfit.

I think it was just the hat that made her say that.

Gap sweater (thrifted in the US), Thrifted skirt, shoes and cat purse

When I saw this sweater in the closet and saw it was Gap I thought it was prolly something my mom got in the 90s, but then she told me she got it at a thrift store in the States when she went there a few years back. I'm not very brand conscious when it comes to clothes but I guess scoring some good brands at dirt cheap prices is always magical. What's also magical is the hole in my tights.

Besides this looking rather Parisian girl, this outfit looked kind of... mmm, I'd like to say preppy? Well initially it looked kind of preppy to me. Maybe it was the sweater? I STILL BELIEVE THAT HAT CHANGED EVERYTHING.

People are People white ring, Forever 21 key ring, Disneyland swirl ring

I can't say where I got all of these rings because some of them are really old! Especially the ones that I had haphazardly stacked on the middle finger of my left hand. The Mickey ring was also another gift my mom brought home from the States.

I don't know if you can tell but there's this dainty lace trimming underneath my skirt. Subtle peek-a-boo details, I see you!


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