Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Rarity

You know what's a rarity these days? Me making a post in this blog. It might as well be renamed to Because of my amazing spectacular magnificent disappearing act, the term MIA has taken a new meaning for my dear partner Ina: Maronne Is Away.

second hand Forever 21 sweater, Landmark Dept. Store skirt, thrifted boots

Because rehearsals for 13: The Musical (which I am currently a costumes director and cast member of) were cancelled today, I suddenly became free to attend my sister's birthday lunch! (Yes, theatre really takes you out of the world and far away from it.. But it's all worth it for me.)

Naturally, I grabbed this opportunity to get some goshdarned content in this blog. Dressing up, you have been very very missed.

Photo in the middle: my "Okay, let's take a look if those shots are okay" pose. Which is not really a pose, because the photo was completely candid.. I put it in here anyway, because... Sometimes I just run out of different poses. My mind blanks. Coming up with different natural-looking poses that won't make you look like you're re-enacting an episode of America's Next Top Model is seriously difficult business, folks. (At least, for me it is. 'Cause I've got limited equipment and limited mobility. Haha!)

P.S. I really adore the tribal punk look. Or the floral punk look. Or any punk look.

H&M black rope necklace, Forever 21 spiked necklace

Speaking of rarities, I saw the most extraordinary and adorable sight at the Makati Shangri-La hotel... THEIR GUARD DOGS WERE BEAGLES. BEAGLES. BEAGLES, PEOPLE.
... BEAGLES!!!!

Look at them little babies! I love that they look so friendly and happy to be doing their job of saving the hotel in their own little way!

You sniff those bombs out, you cutie pie. (I would submit my bag for inspection to these little guys in a heartbeat.)

AWW look at hiim! So excited to kick your butt if he smells anything suspiscious on you! I can't take how adorable these guard dogs are.

I wanted to end this entry with that little guy up there, but instead I decided I should invite you guys to watch the Ateneo Blue Repertory's season opener: 13 The Musical!! (because I'm kind of silly for never really advertising the plays I perform in / work for in this blog.) You can read about the show below:


13: The Musical brings back all the wonderful memories of adolescence through a story that will strike a chord with anyone aged 13 and up. The scenes are familiar – featuring first kisses, blackmail, bullying, courtship, and many other moments of being 13 years old – but shown under a sweeter, more poignant, and more mature light than your average coming-of-age teenage story. Presented by Ateneo Blue Repertory, with a young cast who still remembers how the world looked in the eyes of a 13 year old, 13: The Musical is a nostalgic musical journey down the road of growing up.

13: The Musical follows the story of Evan Goldman, a New Yorker on the brink of turning 13 years old. When his parents get divorced, he is forced to move to the “middle-of-nowhere” Appleton, Indiana, where he must make new friends and build a new reputation from scratch. Trouble starts when Evan tries to fix everyone’s problems – the star quarterback needs help courting the prettiest cheerleader, his friend Archie is demanding a date with his crush, and, on top of it all, someone is spreading the nastiest rumors about him. Evan’s loyal friend, the school geek Patrice, helps him get by, but because of the merciless hierarchy of their school, Evan must recognize who his true friends are and discover what it really means to be a man. 

An unforgettable rock score accompanies 13: The Musical from Tony Award-winning composer Jason Robert Brown who has been hailed as “one of Broadway’s smartest and most sophisticated songwriters since Stephen Sondheim” (Philadelphia Inquirer).

Toff de Venecia, nominated for Best Director in Broadway World Philippines Awards 2011 for his work in Ateneo Blue Repertory’s Little Shop of Horrors, returns to the blueREP stage to direct. Reb Atadero, well-received by critics as Peter in Ateneo Blue Repertory’s Bare 2012, takes care of musical direction. Mica Fajardo, last seen in Ateneo Blue Repertory’s Bare 2012, will be in charge of choreography.

Ateneo Blue Repertory’s 13: The Musical runs from July 25 to August 11 at the Fine Arts Theater, Ateneo de Manila University. Please contact Aina Pacificador at 09175002462 for ticket inquiries.

The production is open to show buying for fundraising. Interested parties should contact Aldrich Alcantara at 09273738936 or through e-mail, 

I'm performing in this show, and I'm also in charge of the costumes and styling, so if you wanna see a really feel good and youthful show with great music and lovely color-blocked goodness, reserve your tickets now! I hope to see you guys in the audience. =)

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  1. you look beautiful!! great boots and sweater!! love the print on your skirt!!