Sunday, June 24, 2012

In the Dark of the Night

Another one of those all-black outfits. A lot of people always turn to this... lack of color, don't they? Even people like me who LOVE colorful (and probably borderline obnoxious) ensembles! I guess it's because black is a very fail-safe and forgiving fallback.

Little details like these are what give a nice pop of surprise to a seemingly monotonous outfit, don't you think?

Thrifted dress (used as top), Liz Claiborne (from mom) skirt, Janilyn shoes, Vintage bag

My dress, which I used as a top, was actually worn backwards. I found that the fit tucked in was much better when worn on the other side, as the slouching that the front gave me was very unflattering. I like how it gives something unconventional to the outfit.

And these shoooees! Aren't they pretty? My mom and I found them in Janilyn a couple of months back, but they were too pricey for us at the time. We spotted them again today at half the price so we immediately nicked at the opportunity. I even changed into them after purchasing because it matched my outfit really well. That and... it was just an excuse to wear them already shhh...

Regina's ring, Folded & Hung barbed wire bracelet, Greenhills tiangge black bracelet

Secondhand/Bloggers United necklace (bought from Danika Navarro)

I love the soles of these shoes. They're kind of reminiscent of something akin to combat boots, so a detail like that totally toughens up the femininity of heels.

Gorgeous details on this skirt. Like, srsly. Super duper pretty, this photo doesn't even do it justice. I love how my mom has kept jewels like this baby over the years. Gives me more treasures to hoard MWAHAHA!

Hope everybody had a good weekend. Here's to the week ahead!

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