Sunday, June 3, 2012

City Girl, Country Lass

I had plenty of reasons to smile that afternoon. I wore this to an Ice Cream date with Ina and our high school friends --and best friends! Ice cream and best friends.. Quite a lovely tandem, don't you think? Actually, I believe that there is a magical bond between food and friendship in which they both bring out the best in each other. Even when the food happens to be atrocious, you'll still have created some amusing memory because you had the magic of friendship to somehow make any situation either a learning (or a laughing) experience. (On a side note, watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic does nice things to your brain. If everyone in the world watched it, I think people would love each other a bit more. SERIOUSLY.)

Blanco necklace and top, Jennyfer jeans, Alysa sneakers

Oh and you might have noticed by now, my hair is dark again! I decided to give my hair a break from the constant damage of keeping it red and opted for a more sustainable color. Besides, I was getting a bit tired of the color. It looks black in these photos, but shines burgundy, brown and sometimes even purple in certain lights! I'm very happy with it.

My recent trip to Europe has given me a great souvenir in the form of style inspiration. I loved how the women were wearing such casual, basic pieces but still looked very chic because of details such as the quality of the material, color and fit-- as well as the balance in their overall outfits. It's a style I'm sort of leanings towards right now because it's so classy and fuss-free-- but at the same time I can't let go of my love for unusual, spunky pieces so I threw these new sneakers in this mix.

H&M rings

The second I saw Isabel Marant's Willow sneakers, which actually have a wedge hidden inside them, I fell in love. Actually, I've noticed sneaker-wedges popping up through likes of Marc Jacobs, Chloe and even Giuseppe Zanotti (not a fan of that one though.) I really love me some chunky high-top sneakers. Sadly my feelings for the shoe did not cross over to its price tag 'cause I've got a budget to work with, so the second I saw these lookalikes in a shoe boutique in Amsterdam, you guessed it: I pounced. Now they're no Isabel Marants, but they're still undeniably comfortable and give my legs (and height) some much-needed elongation (because I'm an Ewok.)

We didn't plan it out, but Ina's outfit was a stark contrast to mine. I'm talking a sneakers-to-sandals and skinny-jeans-to-palazzos kind of transition.

I'm Mother Flower now! (See this post on the... pseudo inside-joke?) I don't know how I ended up gravitating towards one color for this outfit, and in different prints, no less, but here we are. Maybe I was going for gardener-chic? HAHAHA WHAT. I normally don't like wearing a one-color outfit in several pieces; had my younger self seen me in this outfit, she'd prolly cringe. My style back then was always loud and mismatched, but now I'm more open to so many more things! Could this be... the start of something new (you saw that coming) a maturing of style?! HAHAHA.

Gifted top and hat, Thrifted pants and shoes, Avon (?) bag

On the topic of hair colors and one-color outfits: you know what else is brown? MY HAIR, thanks to staying out in the sun at the worst times of the day (cue really bad sunburn and instant hair color fading)  during my beach trips for the summer.

Not really sure if my bag really is Avon (there's no tag either), but it came with the bag of goodies Avon was giving away after their show during PFW, so I'll assume it's from the brand.

Borrowed from mom necklace

Market! Market! tiangge bracelet, Gifted rings

I love how these shoes have that nice organic feel to them with the wedge details and all.

As for the ice cream date... IT WAS SO MAGICAL. Not because of the ice cream (okay, maybe just a little bit because of that), but it was mostly because of the company. The noise our group generates is so insane, it's enough to stress someone out and use an attack like something out of Pokemon (Confusion! Omg is there even an attack move like that?) -- but that's what I love about our friends. The obnoxious noise fazes no one in the group anymore because it's so normal, and it was this kind of abnormal normality that I really missed about these crazy kids.


  1. great necklace and unique wedges! i adore the mixture of patterns on the second outfit!!