Friday, May 25, 2012

Journalace (PFW Holiday 2012 Day 1)

Thrifted coat, skirt and shoes, SM Department Store lace tights, bought from the States lace top

I would like to share that this coat makes me think of journalists who wear those trenchcoats when they're on the job. I wish I could write really well (once upon a time I wanted to pursue a career in writing) but I find such 'talents' of mine to be mediocre. LE SIGH.

I knew I was going to be moving around a lot, what with being at PFW for work, so I skipped the heels. I only got to see The Ramp Crossings show but didn't take any pictures because I had to leave my camera in the office. I will, however, link you to's gallery of the show (of COURSE I'm going to plug!) so that you can take a look at the collection and all the pretty clothes. :)

Carolina's/borrowed from mom necklaces, Girl Shoppe "LOVE" ring, from a bazaar crown ring, Rebel Gear octopus ring


My last day as an intern for StyleBible was officially yesterday, and it's kind of sad that it's over. BUT I WILL SAVE THE DRAMU FOR MY MAIN BLOG INSTEAD (even if I don't know when I'll be able to update). I at least got to attend half of PFW, which was pretty awesome ESPECIALLY BEING IN THE FRONT FROW!!! I'll be in an out of town trip over the weekend though so my posts on PFW Day 2 and 3 will prolly roll in next week. Stay tuned. ;) In the meantime, go follow StyleBible on Twitter for PFW updates and live tweeting during shows! I'm not exaggerating (and this isn't bias either) when I tell you that it feels like you're in there watching the shows because of all their live-tweeting! I would know: part of my intern duties had me monitoring a laptop that showed live tweets and it was pretty cool.


And this is when my jacket ate me. Have fun at PFW everybody!

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