Sunday, May 13, 2012

I Heart Mom

Before anything else, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL THE MAGICAL MOMS IN THE WORLD!!! This is my Mother's Day outfit; I wore shades of green simply because green is my mom's favorite color, and since it's Mother's Day I thought of 'honoring' her by wearing her color. (I'll prolly end up doing something similar on her birthday or something.) After hearing mass today the parentals and I headed over to my grandma's placed and had lunch there. We celebrated Mother's Day early -- yesterday -- instead, partly because of spontaneity and partly because we wanted to avoid all the crowds in restaurants and so and so.

Market! Market! Tiangge bracelets and wire ring, Vintage green ring, Folded & Hung bullet bracelet

Mango green crop top, Just G. dress, Thrifted pants, shoes and bag

We celebrated Mother's Day by having lunch out and catching a movie. It's been ages since my parents and I went out like this for an entire day, so it was a really great day of bonding shenanigans.

From Boracay necklace

It started drizzling when I was documenting my outfit, hence the dark spots on my bag.

Mothers really are quite magical people -- I mean really, I'm so thankful to be blessed with such a compassionate, extraordinary mom who is gorgeous both inside and out. I can only hope to be half as amazing as she is when I become a mother myself. I love you Mama!

How did you celebrate the occasion? :) Happy Mother's Day!

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