Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hyper and Bright (PFW: SM Ladies)

DIY cropped shirt, Liberte (Robinsons Dept. Store) pleated skirt, random from Prague shoes

Three photos in a row with my arms folded up awkwardly! I AM THE GRAND MASTER OF POSE VARIETY. No, I was really just trying to show off the shape of the top I DIY-ed one counter-productively-productive afternoon, and so the best way to do it was to just spin around with my arms outstretched and take consecutive shots while doing it. The photos I liked (that didn't have me making horridly unattractive mid-motion faces) had my arms folded up. Namely, these photos. So it's either the folded arms or my ugly mid-motion face. Obviously, the former won.

H&M Earrings, SM Dept. Store wristlet

Large, chunky, upstaging costume jewelry is an emerging trend these days but I've always been a sucker for accessories that really slap you in the face and say "Hey, I'm shining shimmering splendid. Now bow down before my greatness!!"

Forever 21 bangles, from a Bazaar caterpillar-esque bracelets, SM Dept. Store wristlet

As you might have read in the title, I wore this outfit to watch SM Ladies' show for Philippine Fashion Week (thanks for the invites, Lana!) The show kicked off with Parisian's up-and-coming collection of shoes, inspired by the 4 kinds of Benders elements: water, air, earth and fire (AND HEART! CAPTAIN PLANET! HE'S A HEEERROOO----) Ahem. Anyway.

This is the Water-themed collection, and they didn't go for a dive with the whole corals / starfish / seafoam green kind of under-the-sea vibes (which would have been interesting to see!) but instead they took to the safe-and-sound sails and went nautical. I love their outfits!

The Air collection naturally looked effortless and light. The shoes featured transparent panels and neutral colors like nude beige (and of course black)-- they looked like they were barely there, almost as if the shoes could vanish into thin air at the blink of an eye, and they weren't loud or pronounced in design but were still striking and interesting-- just like the air indeed! I'm personally not a fan of the pair on the very left, but I do fancy the one I singled out on the right quite a lot, and also the 2nd pair from the left.

The Earth collection was-- needless to say-- very true to its respective element. I'm gonna sound redundant, but the shoes were purely earth-toned (naturally) with wooden wedges and strappy high-heeled sandals reminiscent of long vines, walking barefoot on the sand, and forests filled with tall trees. That, or trying to attract that guy that dresses up as Tarzan outside Disneyland Resort Paris and has wonderful arms.. I'm kidding. (OR AM I?) 

And then there was the fire collection, which reminded me of fireworks and lava lamps. The shoes were feisty and playful but at the same time edgy, glamorous and... bitchy. Haha! I love their bustier dresses, and would totally wear one out if that bottom area was turned into a miniskirt instead. 

I loved our location!! We could see the models getting ready to walk from backstage, and I loved taking a break from the runway to look at their faces as they showed signs of nervousness, breathed in and out, focused, had their outfits fixed, and set off to put on a show. I perform so I know exactly how things go backstage, and that rush you get before going onstage is something that is so familiar to me. It was quite a nice thing to catch a glimpse at this side of fashion week-- that demystified all the glitz and glam of putting on a fashion show but at the same time was so beautifully human!

TEAM ROCKET!!! Haha sorry, she was the first one to come out during the last part of the Parisian segment and I was instantly reminded of Team Rocket, with the big red R and the sleek white suit. Sorry, I just had to point this out. Moving on...

That R was actually so they could spell out "Parisian," by the way!

After the shoes came the clothes. Of course they have chili/pepper-printed skirts (that I bet are so.. Hot right now, if you know what I mean heh heh heh) a-la-Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2012.

Love this red dress!! The model spun it around a-la-Katniss-Everdeen-The-Girl-On-Fire (I am making way too many references in this post! Qumoquota!) Actually the next few photos are what I liked from the collection (since there were so many different collections! I guess it's in the true spirit of SM's "we have it all for you.." slogan.. Okay I want to slap myself now. Haha.)

Bright and happy colors, and the ever-so-popular-these-days scarf print.

Sheer peter-pan top with lots of little ribbons all over it! Adorbs! Again with the scarf print, Luxe athletic wear which I'm digging right now, and a timeless, elegant lace peplum skirt!

This dress was my favorite!! I noticed a lot of people smiling, nodding their heads and pointing at this dress too. Love the colors, the back, and the print. I'm not so into what I've seen of scarf printed clothes around here, but I do really love it when the prints are nicely planned out and positioned, like in this dress. Very cute, SM Ladies! Cuuute (though maybe I'd like it without that sheer black underskirt. I still covet this dress, nonetheless! The best part is it's bound to be affordable because it's under SM Dept. Store. What is Givenchy for the thrifty!) 

If you noticed my use of "our" and "we" instead of "I" in this blog post, it's because I was not alone! I couldn't watch with my dear friend Ina (AND BIRTHDAY GIRL, IT WAS HER BIRTHDAY YESTERDAY GREET HER IF YOU CAN PLEASE! She spent her birthday working hard as a fashion week intern and thats why I couldn't go with her) nor could I go with Roxci, who took me to last year's PFW, so I brought a date instead. I had a lovely night nonetheless! Was glad to see plenty of familiar fashyon faces while at the same time meeting new ones. :) 


  1. i wish i can also pull off those colors, i love the skirt btw :)

    1. There are plenty of colors I can't pull off either! You've just gotta reeeally work what works for you :D Thank you so much, I love it too! (thats why I bought it.. HEH) ;)

  2. gorgeous colors!! amazing chic skirt!! beautiful!!
    romwe giveaway on my blog:)

    1. Thank you!! Good luck with your giveaway. =)