Friday, June 1, 2012

Extra-Terrestrial (PFW Holiday 2012 Day 3)

Otherwise known as...


This is what I wore for the third (also, my last) day of PFW. Which was, um, last week, and I'm overly aware that this is overdue. Welp, better late than never! Day 3 also marked my last day as an intern for!

Mental jacket, Thrifted skirt and shoes

Yes, that's the iconic scene from the movie E.T. printed on my skirt. Isn't it magical?

Rebel Gear earrings

Borrowed from mom necklaces

MWEHEHEHE I KNOW YOU SAW THIS COMING. I couldn't resist making at least one joketime!galaxy picture, what with being on the topic of intergalactic beings and all! Look at me sparkle under the sunlight! I AM EDWARD CULLEN

The jacket is actually designed after a straitjacket, hence all these buckles. That's what I love about it though! It looks pretty simple at the front but when you see the back there's a sudden surprise! I bought this off my friend (she only bought it as a costume for something school-related, so I got this at a discounted price HEH) and saw that she wore this backwards, with the buckles in the front. It was a pretty cool idea which I tried out at school before!

Does it work like a straitjacket? HELL YEAH. I brought this to school one time and my blockmates and I attempted to restrain my arms and it totally worked! You can tell from these long (and I mean long!) sleeves, plus all the buckles and straps, that it really does function like a straitjacket. Fitting, coming from a brand called Mental.

Anyway, for Day 3, I got to watch the Avon and Premiere B (Albert Andrada, Bandoix Flores, Butz Fuentes, Ezra Santos, Kermit Tesoro) collections! Here's hoping I don't get all the designers mixed up...

Avon also known as hotbodseverywhere showcased a variety of styles, going from dainty (hello, pink tutu!) to strong lingerie designs. I had never attended a lingerie show prior to this one, so it was pretty interesting, this Avon show. (I also wondered what was going through the models' minds, walking down the runway in nothing but intimates. Then again, they're more or less used to it anyway, it being their job and all...)

The fringe umbrella was pretty cool, too.

Albert Andrada's show was so elegant. His collection had a sort of Chinese, oriental vibe to it. I'm still not over it and I want what the male model's wearing hoho.

Crazy headpieces to go with the extravagant collection! Lovet.

The finale involved several models going down the runway decked in robes (which I want, gosh), then discarding said robes to reveal intricate gowns and OMG IT WAS JUST SO DRAMATIC AND BEAUTIFUL AND MAGNIFICENT I COULDN'T HANDLE MY LIFE. It caused the crowd to go into a round of applause. I... I can't. My feelings are all over the place again.

Marina Benipayo was part of the finale. I met her once, backstage at the F&H show about two years ago (omg talk about old school), and at the time I had no inkling of who she was, other than the fact that she was this very seasoned supermodel (I only knew because another intern told me lol). When I was introduced to her she was so friendly and warm and down to earth, despite her status in the industry. (And so goes the story of why I love this woman HAHAHA)

Look at the all pretty detaaails.

Bandoix Flores' collection involved a lot of blacks and whites, lace, tulle, and...


His final piece was this wedding-esque gown (for all I know it might actually be a real wedding gown omg iSuck) which was really elegant and and and... you just had to see it to fully experience the piece. I swear, my photos don't do it justice. Sometimes you just have to see how a garment flows to fully appreciate it.

And here is the designer!

Next was Butz Fuentes, whose pieces (well some of them) involved these strong shoulder details that reminded me of bats and gargoyles, which totally added to the darkness of the garments. Again, I really like what the male model (middle photo) is wearing. AM I BECOMING MANRY

And then came the pieces with these intricate, origami-like cut-out details and gosh were they so cool!


Still digging what the guys were wearing...

Ezra Santos opened with this otherworldly, almost alien-like piece which was just beyond words. Hardcore.

That piece worn by the male model has got to be one of my favorites from Ezra Santos. So cool.

And then the box ladies (bad nickname, forgive me) came out. They reminded me of presents in wrapping paper. Or dainty tissue boxes. THIS IS NOT A BAD THING! I don't know about you, but I actually enjoyed these pieces! I thought they were really pretty.

See? Doesn't it remind you of ribbons on the wrapped presents you get during Christmas?

Ria Bolivar and Jasmine Maierhofer, the latter having a sort of Black Swan vibe going on with her makeup.

And here's Ezra Santos!

Fact: I have been waiting years to see a Kermit Tesoro show. I say years only because, well... it's not like I know how to get invites to these shows, and I sometimes don't have the time to attend PFW, and other reasons. This year though, what with being a StyleBible intern, I made sure to catch his show (and, wouldn't you know it, perks of being an intern gets you front row seats) because I knew this could be my one shot to ever seeing a Kermit show (and front row at that!). I even told my boss that I could take all laptop shifts (us interns had to man the laptop that showed live tweeting about PFW at the L'Oreal lounge from time to time) so long as I got to see the Kermit show. "IT'S KERMIT OR DEATH," I said.

SO in love with these shoes. I will call them horse shoes for now. Or just... hooves. I don't really have much feelings for heelless shoes (I think they're cool -- I got to try a pair once and felt like I was going to topple over any time, but that might've just been my nerves) BUT THIS PAIR I LOVE. Love 'em or hate 'em, I just love the fact that they look like animal feet... things. So quirky and rad!

Totally loved this mask/helmet thing too!

The finale was INSANE. One of the models had their face decked out in crystals and sparkly things, and the shoes were like, MORE than just 'heelless'! They were... TIPPY-TOE SHOES! But I loved how the model marched down the runway in them like a boss. I got chills during the finale.

And did I mention the shoes? CRAZY! But hey, this was a Kermit show, what do you expect?

That about wraps up my PFW Day 3 experience, and thus closes my PFW experience altogether. Overall I really enjoyed what I could attend for PFW, not to mention my being at intern at StyleBible. Ultimately, getting to see a Kermit Tesoro show (after years of yearning) was pretty much the best way to close my internship.


  1. Hi there! Do you have any tips for someone who would want to intern for StyleBible.PH as well?

    1. Basically you just have to send your resume -- pretty much the same thing you do for most internships. I'm pretty sure StyleBible is always open to interns, not to mention very welcoming too! Everybody is really nice and accommodating. You can even try tweeting them if only to inquire if they're currently accepting any interns at the moment. :)

      Good luck!