Monday, May 28, 2012

Birthday Suit (PFW Holiday 2012 Day 2)

Thrifted top and skirt, Secondhand (bought from Patricia Prieto) shoes

So this was my birthday outfit from last week, which also fell on Day 2 of PFW! It felt kind of weird spending my birthday at work (it was the first time I ever did so), but then again I don't really get to intern for and get to attend PFW everyday now do I?

S&R toy flower ring, Yhansy eye ring

S&R toy butterfly ring

Since it was my birthday, I wanted to wear something bright and happy and colorful! I'd like to think that this outfit captures a part of how I'd describe my 'personal style' (or just one dimension of it) which is CLOSET VOMIT THAT TASTES LIKE CANDY! (I have Maronne to thank for that description.)

The top might just be a bit borderline clownish for some, but the first time I saw it, it totally reminded me of Ichiro Irabu from Kuuchuu Buranko!

So for Day 2 of PFW, I got to watch the collections of Arnold Galang, Jun Jun Cambe, M Barretto and Ronaldo Arnaldo.

Arnold Galang's collection had a nice play of prints in delicate materials and an array of colors.

Aaand here's the designer!

Jun Jun Cambe's collection had a lot of intricate details with pieces that looked like they were inspired by Indian aesthetic.

The always elegant Marina Benipayo walked for the finale.

Jun Jun Cambe with his final pieces.

There was a little boy who walked at the M Barretto show and omg he was so adorable.


M Barretto all smiles after his collection!

And finally, Ronaldo Arnaldo. I really enjoyed his collection; a lot of his pieces had some interesting silhouettes, not to mention his use of neutrals!

And so ends my entry of PFW Day 2. Next post will be about my third and last day at Fashion Week, not to mention my final day as a StyleBible intern as well. Till then!

Oh, this is just a picture of my suicide attempt for not being able to catch Allison Harvard at the Bench show (also, Jerome Salaya Ang for the PFW finale). HUHUHU.

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