Monday, May 7, 2012

An Afternoon With Elisa

I recently had a mini-shoot with a friend, tumblr celebrity and fashion/photography intern extraordinaire, Elisa. I admit I was a little nervous I would end up being really awkward and making unfunny jokes about why 7 8 9 or how sushi A said "wasaaa, B?" to sushi B-- since I really tend to be some sort of a recluse, and since I haven't done private shoots like this apart from the ones I've done with Ina. In addition to that, I'm no model! I don't know how to compose myself in shots apart from typical blogger "outfit shot" stances and more dramatic poses required in the photoshoots I've done for the theatre productions I performed in. But Elisa was such a doll and rode with all my loud comebacks and thankfully didn't take offense in my sarcasm; so it was very easy to feel at home with her.

Forever 21 vest, Details Trading collared shirt, Highstylefancy boots

It was my first time working with a photographer who knew exactly what she wanted with her shots-- We walked all over the place finding somewhere good enough, and she directed my poses from head to toe. The heat (this country's a collection of frying pancake islands right now) and walking around in heels was totally worth it and was actually not a problem for me at all. I totally know what needs to be done to get what you want and I love that Elisa was the same as I in such that she was obsessive-compulsive over every little thing that affected the quality of her work.

On a side note, I really wish local authorities would let a little bit loose on people taking photos and allow us to shoot in their pretty places, or shoot the pretty places at all, even. But you know how it is.. We do what we must. It's just that it's an unfortunate waste of beauty if inspiration cannot partake from it and art cannot be born from it. This is not about today's shoot.. It's just a thought that crossed my mind.

Drama. A word that recurred that day. It was another thing that Elisa kept on looking for in her shots, apart from the basics like lighting and other photographer needs I've yet to understand. It was also another thing that I agreed on wholeheartedly.. No, not finding drama in everything, but rather just saying something. Speaking volumes. Telling a story. We're beings that have lived and learned off stories and will continue to do so. We are captured, inspired and educated by things that turn the wheels in our minds. We will move when are captured, inspired and educated.. And so I agree with the need for drama in everything in such that we need to keep speaking out (not just literally of course) with what we do... because what good for the world is a storyteller that reads to himself? Art is a phenomenon that needs to be shared because it is a powerful communicative device and should, just like people, always move towards telling better and better stories and becoming better and better. In a society that is (ironically) bent on regarding us as factory machines (and it's ironic because there's nothing else doing the dehumanizing but fellow humans), we must always try to express drama, stories, and our selves in the best ways that we can.

And I am slowly regressing into my late-night run-ons that are disjointed and make no sense, but I had a lovely time with Elisa, and I feel really kind of gradeschooler-with-a-first-crush-giddy about this whole experience. I don't know. My erratic fascination surprises even myself. Whatever, a shout-out is totally due: thank you again, Elisa! The shots are lovely. Congratulations on your recent internship! Yes, I stalked you to find that out.


  1. your hair color is amazing! I love the floral dress.
    If you have some time and would like, come by and see my blog. :)
    I'm having a fab giveaway too!


    1. Thank you so much, Ola! =D Good luck with your giveaway!