Sunday, April 22, 2012

Nonna Fiore

Vintage top and skirt, Secondhand/gifted bag, Fancy Flats shoes, Borrowed from mom accessories

Today's outfit has me in flowers from head to toe, and in grandmother clothes. Like, legit granny clothes, because the top and skirt are my grandmother's. The skirt was a little too granny, even for me (and that's saying something, considering how I love granny fashion!), so I re-worked the hemline with some clips (I didn't want anything permanent because it would seem like a waste to just chop the skirt -- and you can play around with more cloth too!)... et voila!

I just love all the intricate details on this bag. So pretty and exquisite!

All of my accessories I borrowed from my mom! But we share so much of everything that the line between what's hers and mine is pretty much blurred. I adore so much of her jewelry though. Especially all her older, vintage ones!

You can call me Grandmother Flower now.

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