Sunday, April 22, 2012

Are We There Yet?

This is my first post after my wisdom tooth surgery.. In which my anesthesia did not work so well and I felt the entire process (so sorry 'cause my cheeks are still a tad bit swollen right now!) I think I may be a little traumatized.. The 2nd time I'm getting another wisdom tooth taken out better prove me wrong. Anyway, this outfit was inspired by forest wanderers, dream catchers and those fictional characters that become kindred spirits with wild animals (which is something that I've always dreamed to do. I've long desired a real wolf or fox as a companion!)

Borrowed from mom cardigan and bag, Don't Miss necklace, Landmark Dept. Store top and jeans leggings, Thrifted boots, from Singapore fox tail

"Are we there yet?" -- A question that was asked or thought about a whole lot yesterday, but not necessarily limited by merely traveling to a location. Actually, this is a question that never ever stops being asked in life. It's what we ask when we want to know if we've finally gotten somewhere (or something) right, at some point in time, especially after progress or after some sort of journey.

And a journey is something that anyone at all goes through.. Well, anyone who bothers to set out to some destination or goal, at least.. But then I don't know a single person who does not desire to be somewhere or something. Everyone is going through a journey, and everyone is wondering if they are there yet-- or when they will get there-- or if they will get there at all.

....Ohhhhh snap this must be my college senior jitters speaking!! Extremely hot sunday mornings spent resting in always make for perfect blank pages for semi-philosophical musings to counter an otherwise unearably slice-of-life situation.

Yes, I like whipping my hair back and forth and I don't plan on stopping! I do believe I would make Willow Smith proud.

I love the color of my leggings, and they're from Landmark Dept. Store, so they were a lovely bargain. It's one of the few shades of green that won't make me look like a Christmas ornament because of my hair. Although I'm considering getting a new hair color... Oooooooohhh intriguiiiiiiing... No, not really.

A simple pleasure: the shadows that leaves or branches cast on a sunny day. 

... A not-so-simple pleasure: the sunny day itself. I feel like a roasting chicken. Haha, I know, what a completely off-beat way to complement (or not complement, rather) such a poignant-looking photo like that. But that's the way I roll! .. Or at least, that's how I'm rolling.. For today.. Er.. You know I never seem to end my entries properly. Especially this one. Are we there yet? Have I ended yet? Because my brain is fried, yes.

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