Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ivy's My Homegirl

Thrifted top, nightgown, tights and shoes, Mango vest, Eastwood tiangge skirt

Vintage rainbow hoop earrings

Custom-made/Regina's/Revolution Nine pins, Gifted/Gingersnaps necklaces

Regina's bunny ring and bracelets, Tiangge striped bangle, Gingersnaps duck ring, bought from a convention candy ring

What I wore to go see BlueREP's Bare last night. The show was tres awesome and it was even more awesome because I was with my favorite people. I didn't know what Bare was about beforehand so I didn't have any expectations, but WOAH cast and crew were AMAZING and gosh I am just blown away. CAN I HAS SOME OF YOUR TALENTZ PLOX? Maronne was so magical and omg I'm just so proud of her okay. MY BB'S ALL GROWN UP NOW~~~ *le fake creys*

So uh anyway, I had SO much fun with this outfit. So much that I took so many pictures, haha! When my mom and I found the nightgown at the thrift store, she wondered what I was going to do with it. As you can see, I wasn't going to use it as sleepwear. I bet Maronne would though, and with nothing else undern-- WHOOPS


  1. I'm curious. Do you plan your outfits thoroughly or do you kind of just throw them on? I am just so amazed at your unique, mishmash-y style of coordination.*A*

    1. It's both! A lot of times I get random outfit ideas in my head, and when I execute them they turn out just as imagined. When they don't, I work around it (this is the 'planning outfits thoroughly' part, I guess?), which in turn sometimes gives me even more outfit ideas (this is the 'kind of just throw them on' part LOL)

      I hope that made sense? Haha thanks for your comment! :D