Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fake Lace

Thrifted top, pants and shoes, borrowed from mom necklace and bracelets

'Fake Lace' because my outfit has lace prints all over it, yet there isn't even a trace of actual lace. *rhyme* The shoes were more of a crocodile print though, and they blended so well with my bottoms that it made me look like I was wearing a onesie, haha! I wore this to a wedding expo that I attended with my mom and sister, because the latter's having a Church wedding later this year! After years of attending (anime) conventions, I knew I wanted to dress comfortably, even if I knew this expo's crowd was definitely going to be a far cry from the throngs of people and cosplayers I'm used to seeing at those kind of events.

On that note, I miss attending cons. D:

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