Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Dizzy Games

Vintage top and bag, Thrifted shorts and shoes

Right hand: Market! Market! Tiangge bracelets and wire ring, bought from a bazaar studs ring | Left hand: Folded & Hung bracelets, Gifted rings

Last weekend I celebrated my cousin's birthday via dinner and The Hunger Games film! My cousins and I hung out, played silly games (a wrestler bouncing off gummy bears? really?), stayed up late, sang to sleepy (albeit pretty) songs (Your Ex-Lover is Dead, Skyline Drive, etc.) -- all good fun. I missed my cousins. ♥

As for the film, well... I actually liked it! A lot more than I thought I would, even. I say that because I was pretty lukewarm towards the first book -- so lukewarm that I didn't even bother with the rest of the trilogy. (In fact, I even Wiki'd the next two books just to find out what happened. Go me.) I could do well without all the jerky camera movements though -- that gave me a headache to nurse for half of the movie! Still, I wouldn't mind watching it again. I'll just close my eyes when everything becomes dizzying again...

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