Monday, March 26, 2012

Cat & Mouse

See what I did with the title and my outfit? Haha! A popular feline print worn with the world's most celebrated mouse couple.

Cotton On blazer, Greenhills Tiangge graphic tee, Thrifted skirt, High Style Fancy booties

I adore this graphic tee, and I got it for quite a steal, too. (Greenhills is one of my favorite haunts for cheap thrills like this shirt!) I'm a Disney kid through and through. I think it does wonderful things to add magic to childhood, so when I have my own children I plan on making them watch all the Disney classics! How else can magic survive but through the kids and kids-at-heart who love it? I do believe in fairies!

Held back on the excessorizing today. The colors and prints I used were already quite the upstagers. In common theatre etiquette: too many people hamming it up onstage makes for a very unpleasant show.

Random thought: I ordered these red booties before I had red hair. They arrived only after my hair was already red. I bet these shoes had it planned out all along; like I had to pass some test of proving my worth as their rightful owner. ... Sometimes my mind wanders way too far, way too much. .. Well, whatever, point is these kicks are mine now and just looking at them makes me happy. It's not being materialistic; it's being grateful for something (pretty) that I worked for. I'm sure it's not uncommon to feel happy just by looking at that lovely pair of shoes that you've long mulled over, saved up for, and finally own. (Having them on feels even better!) Haha. It's totally cheesy of me to end in a "moral of the story" kind of note, but-- Love your clothes, people, you're very lucky to have them. Actually, pretty much anything and especially anyone that's around you-- keep yourself in check and never forget their value!

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