Saturday, March 24, 2012

Blue Wings

I wore this to the graduation ceremony of Ateneo de Manila University's SOM/SOSE seniors! My brother graduated with a degree in Management Engineering. This post is entitled "Blue Wings" for this very reason (our school's symbol is a Blue Eagle with its wings outspread)-- and, well.. It's also because there are blue butterflies on my outfit. I did that on purpose, though-- the whole blue and wings on my outfit and all. It's a cheesy-- and rather forced-- little attempt at wearing my metaphors. Don't give me that (mental) look! If I had things go completely my way there would be blue birds on my two-piece and not butterflies, for some good ol' shameless school spirit. And yes, that is a top and a pair of shorts!

Greenhills Tiangge chiffon two-piece, Market! Market! Tiangge detachable collar, Asianvogue wedges

My hair can now be pulled back completely.. This is something that hasn't been possible since 1st year high school! I'm enjoying this hair length, after having short hair for more than 4 years. I still prefer keeping it down though-- it's just that I knew that the venue of the graduation had no air conditioning and the weather lately has definitely been rubbing summer in our faces a little bit too much, so I kept it up and wore some lightweight chiffon. Chiffon's usually my go-to fabric when I want to feel easy, breezy...... Beautiful...... Covergirl.... .... It's late, I'm tired and I don't know why I'm still gamely typing all of these embarrassing things. I'm not even pressing the backspace button on that horrible joke I just unintentionally cracked. Nope.

I don't know about you, but theres just something about white, flowy garments that-- especially when set in motion by the wind or by rapid movements-- make you feel rather ethereal. I really hope that isn't just me. Try feeling it the next time you wear your favorite pretty white dress.

These are the grounds of the Ateneo de Manila high school. (I've always loved those dangling lights!) Next year I'll be setting foot here too, wearing my own toga and carrying my own diploma. Thinking about it feels so surreal.

Naturally we went out for a celebratory dinner right after. This was the graduation cake. Blueberry cheesecake; my favorite! Except this one had coconut shavings on the side. Interesting... Almost as interesting as the idea of finally putting an end to 4 years of relentless schoolwork in college and setting out into what people who speak of graduation figuratively call "the real world." Congratulations, all graduates! You've officially got the world resting in the palm of your hands... Now seize it!


  1. love you dress, such a pretty dress!


    1. Thank you so much, Natalie! It's actually a two-piece, but I love that it looks like a dress! <3