Sunday, February 26, 2012

Superhero in Training

Folded & Hung x Marvel top (borrowed from dad), Regina's pajama bottoms, Thrifted shoes, Thrifted hat, bought from a convention goggles

Tiangge silver bracelet, Rebel Gear studded chain ring, Folded & Hung bullet bracelet, Tiangge beaded bracelets, Market! Market! chain bangle

FINALLY! ANOTHER POST IN SO LONG! Apologies, apologies. We've just been both busy because of... reasons. Mostly school, really, but today I FINALLY got the chance to go out (for the past month I've had to miss out on random leisurely trips with the family because of my workload) and make an outfit post! Poor blog, we don't mean to neglect you. :(

When my sister saw my outfit she commented that I looked like a 'superhero in training'. Thor shirt + comic book pajama bottoms effect, I guess? Totes sleeping in these jammies tonight.

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