Sunday, January 22, 2012


Market! Market! top, Secondhand (bought from Mike Magallanes) skirt, Thrifted shoes, Tiangge bangle, Jellybean bowtie

I apologize for the influx of photos, but rarely do I ever get to have someone else take my outfit shots! (You can tell my enthusiasm in some of the pictures.) Thanks to Billie for these. Anyway, I attended an anime convention (for the first time in months!) yesterday, as well as caught my friend Jam's musical in her university. Congrats again bb! I wanted to wear polkadots again as a sort of late welcoming of the new year, good luck superstitions and all. This is totally like an inverse of my Blogger's United 2 outfit, haha!

It's also worth noting that the blouse's tag says Comme des Garcons. My sister gave it to me, but since it's from Market! Market!, I have my doubts on its legitimacy.

I've nothing else to say now. Happy Chinese New Year to y'all!

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