Monday, January 23, 2012

New Year's Again

Thrifted top and shorts, Gifted necklace, borrowed from mom bracelets, Vintage belt, Market! Market! green ring, Gifted parasol ring and chain ring, Gifted shoes, bought from a convention hat

Happy Chinese New Year everybody! I wanted to dress for the occasion yesterday, and what better way to do so than with a Chinese-style top, in the color red, no less. In keeping up with the whole 'circles/polka-dots-are-lucky' shebang, my shorts have small pompoms and my necklace is a magical circular pendant with little bells. Oh, and the big mouse ears too. Okay, I didn't really do the circle theme on purpose, but maybe my mind subconsciously told me to do so? Also, I have so much love for these shoes. So. Much. Love.

And just so I could make good use of the video tag...

An outfit video! Although all it really is is just about 20 seconds of me moving around. It's not much, but I promise (or I hope) future outfit videos will get better! Maybe. I think outfit videos are an interesting supplement to outfit shots, so here's the first of (hopefully) many more. I hope you like it! :D


  1. cute outfit! love the styling :)

  2. Perfect outfit for CNY! I love the platforms especially, I would love to get a pair and paint the platform black!!

    1. Sofiiieee omg thanks for dropping by!!! <3333

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