Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tintin le Movie

Thrifted top and skirt, Secondhand shoes (bought from Patricia Prieto)

Tiangge plastic bangles and rings, Gingersnaps panda ring, Bought from a convention colorful ring, Gifted pink bracelets

Gifted beaded necklace, Carolina's green necklace

Wonky Weather Week calls for long sleeves! Haha no not really, but it was kinda cold when I went to see The Adventures of Tintin with some favorite people yesterday, and I have had this top since FOREVER but never got around to wearing it until now! I love the colorful details on  an otherwise neutral top. As for the film, I suggest you go see it! The animation was really awesome and nearly realistic at time. It was a lotta fun too, or maybe that was all the inside jokes that ensued...

To go with my colorful (kinda) outfit, I opted for some rainbow eyes! Haha that was fun. Have a great week ahead everyone!


  1. Aaaaaa I love everything about this outfit and the fact that most of the pieces are thrifted, or were gifted, or pre-owned. The top and skirt are some GREAT finds, I must say. And rainbow eyes yes. <3

    1. Thank you so much Claude! So giddy that you like the outfit, heehee <333