Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Meeting With The Godfather(s)

Forever 21 (gifted) top, Linea Italia (borrowed from dad) pants and shoes

Vintage necklace

Eastwood tiangge silver bracelet, Market! Market! chain bangle

The Bead Shop mood ring, Gifted feather ring, Bought from a bazaar crown ring, People are People swirl ring, Gifted owl ring, Vintage silver ring

Last night my dad and I met up with his friends and their families for a casual get-together. It's an annual dinner we have to catch up on one another, usually in December. Most of these friends of my dads are my godfathers (or, with my godsiblings/cousins, are godfathers/godparents of some of us 'kids'), hence the title.

It's always fun to get to see some of my godsiblings/cousins during this annual shindig, since it's only at this time of the year do we get to see each other. Last time we saw each other was December 2010! Other than catching up with one another, we ended the night with card games (Slap, 1-2-3 Pass) and LOL'd at random Youtube crack. Good times.

With that, I guess I'll be seeing you all in 2012. Have a great New Year's celebration everyone!

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