Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bloggers United: The Sequel


Thrifted sweater, pants and shoes, Tiangge top

Borrowed from mom beaded necklace, Carolina's gray necklace

Regina's strawberry necklace, Tiangge magnet bracelets and green and yellow rings, Anime convention colorful ring, People are People silver ring, Gifted red puzzle ring, Borrowed from mom beaded bracelets, Vintage purse

One of the things I really like about this... sweater thing (or whatever I should call it), are the shoulder details. And uh shoulder pads, 'cause I'm sucker for those, too.

FLATFORMS AT LAST! I have been wanting a some flatforms since forever, and I finally found a pair during one of my random thrift store visits. I know you can easily find flatforms online, but we all know I'm like, the stingiest person in the world who finds even online prices pricey, unless I'm really desperate. I'm called a cheapskateer for a reason.

So this is what I wore to the second Bloggers United bazaar. I've had this outfit in my head for the longest time now, but I didn't want to wear it just anywhere, so I figured the BU bazaar was a big enough event to 'debut' this baby. So maybe I'm a little too early for New Year's, but I really enjoyed this outfit!

If you've been following us since our old school days, you'll remember that I wasn't able to attend the first Bloggers United, but Maronne went on my behalf instead. This time around, it was the opposite. Ironically, both times, one of us couldn't go because of school. ARE WE DOOMED TO NEVER ATTEND A BLOGGERS UNITED BAZAAR TOGETHER? I sure hope not.

I kept on forgetting that the event was taken at Treston International School, because srsly, it didn't look like a school to me. Look at that lobby. So ~*~sossy~*~ /shot Uh, anyway...

Ronald and Yen, two bloggers I met during my nth round in the bazaar. Ronald asked for a photograph to which I retorted with a request of my own.

REESE! Gosh I haven't seen her since her pre-SoFa days. (Not that I actually saw her often anyway. I've only seen her like, thrice, this one counting as the third. Uh.) I was just blindly going through her booth, thinking, 'Cute accessories hnnng', when I suddenly heard someone call my name, only to find out that it was Reese's booth I was admiring. No wonder everything was cute HAHA!

Raleene and Aivan, both of whom were really friendly when I reached their booth. It was really nice meeting you both! :D

Lloyda! Omg you guys, I've been following her since her LJ/MyStyleDiary days, back when her style was very Fruits-y and stuff. Oh the evolution.

Nicole of Soule Phenomenon. "Kanina pa kayo ah!", referring to how many times we went to her booth. =)) (I lust for those Soule Phenomenon shoes, kbai.)

Paul of OS Accessories. Guh so much bone goodness.

Karl, whose booth (shared with Mike), was the one we visited the most, probably because it was their clothes that we liked the most. In fact, majority of my secondhand buys were from their booth! (I even did some haggling with Mike LOL thank you for complying HAHAHA)

If you've noticed, pretty much all of my shots of the bloggers are portraits. This is because I had my prime lens on, meaning I had to back away to make some distance, but as you can see from the photo above, such a feat was a bit of a challenge. The event was jam-packed with people, so it was kind of hard to move around the crowd. The location was supposed to be air conditioned, but with that many people, it got kind of humid. I guess this could be a reflection of how successful the event was?

Here are two of my buys. The black shoes are from Lloyda while the Reeboks are from Patricia Prieto. I didn't actually get to meet the owner of the latter 'cause she wasn't at her booth so I just asked one of the ladies manning another booth to let me know the price and so and so. Truthfully, they're a bit loose on me, but it's nothing I can't work around. As for my other buys... well, you'll just have to stick around for future outfit posts to see what I got. ;)

So that's pretty much my first Bloggers United adventure. It was fun, though I wish I had my partner-in-crime with me. Thanks for reading and congrats to the Bloggers United team for a job well done on their part two!

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