Thursday, November 10, 2011


Thrifted top and shoes, Vintage bag, SM Parisian shoes

Vintage earrings

Vintage silver ring, Tiangge blue ring, Gachapon Mare Ring (KHR! Hohoho.), Market! Market! rings (right hand)

What I wore to my goddaughter's baptism, which was around two weeks ago? So late, I know. Anyway, I always like going for something white whenever I have to attend a baptism, just for the symbolism of it all. Meganon? I didn't wear any necklace because I wanted to focus on the pretty details of my top. I like looking prim and proper when the occasion calls for it, even if I'm far from what that really is on the inside. HEH.


  1. beautiful blouse and bohemian print on your skirt!!

  2. Thanks very much! Very pretty aren't they? <3