Friday, November 4, 2011

The Day We Became Hipsters (Or Hippies?)

Thrifted vest, lace top and shorts, Genevieve Gozum robe, Gifted bag, star necklace, feather earring and scarf (attached to bag), Figlia boots

Gifted/DIY bracelets, The Bead Shop Mama Mary necklace, Regina's floral ring, From Cubao X rose ring

A week or two ago, I attended a Coachella-themed birthday party. I'm always game for themed parties so I go all the way when dressing the part. As I've never really been to anything Coachella, I stuck to ~*~hippie~*~ vibes instead. Or hipster, if you'd like to go with that, since the celebrant worships everything hipster. Nooo joke.


  1. I always love Coachella! It gives you the freedom on what to wear. Yeah, the hippie / boho look is always the theme for this event, and you really pulled it off!!! =)


  2. Thank you Nicole! I think it'd be cool to attend Coachella. One day... =))