Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cookie-Selling Camel Lady

Thrifted dress, bag and shoes, Saizen socks

From Quiapo peacock feather ring, Gifted owl ring, Regina's doe ring, Vintage bracelets

While I'm normally not a deliberate 'match-your-bag-with-your-shoes' kind of person, I thought this bag would go really well with the outfit (and I secretly just wanted to show it off -- hello, My Neighbor Totoro!). I really love this dress and the details on the top; it sort of breaks the monotony and simplicity of the dress with that one detail.

I also like how it makes me feel like I'm some camel lady selling exotic goods. Or like I'm a boy scout selling you cookies. Or like I'm a video game character fighting monster sand dunes. Or...

... or like I'm in a brown paper bag. That works too.

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