Wednesday, October 12, 2011

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Cheapskateers is a portmanteau combining the words "cheap" and "musketeers," an allusion to the blog owners' love for cheap thrills when it comes to fashion and the adventures that they go through in search of beautiful clothes and aesthetic growth.

Ina Inonog (1992) is a Fine Arts kid who can't draw proportionally, but that's intentional... most of the time. She lives off fanfiction on an almost daily basis and sometimes wonders what she would've turned out to be like had she not grown up worshipping the Japanese culture. She is an aspiring photographer who will probably take your picture one day, if she hasn't already. Ina is fun-sized and is, for the most part, okay with it. (That's a possible lie?)

Maronne Cruz (1991) is a Business Management student with an ardor for the arts and a penchant for transformation. She hopes to go to NYC to study fashion design after graduating. She is a very active and proud member of The Ateneo Blue Repertory, her university's musical theatre org. In addition to the costumes she dons in the different roles she plays, Maronne also thoroughly enjoys cosplaying as her favorite anime / manga / video game / cartoon characters. She also does costume directing for other BlueRep plays, and used to work part-time as a fashion illustrator. "Never be uninspired" is Maronne's motto. She abhors insipidity.

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