Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Cheapskateers

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that this blog will no longer be active. If you want to know why, click here and scroll towards the end of the post for a brief explanation. You can still reach Maronne here for fashion, lifestyle and general personal blogging and Ina's style blogging will be carried over to her main blog over here!

It's been fun, but it's time to move on to ~*~greener pastures~*~ and all that jazz. Loljk, but thank you readers/viewers for sticking around these past few years and we hope to see y'all on our individual platforms!

With love,

The Cheapskateers

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Mango (Gifted) lace top, from Hong Kong dress, Secondhand/gifted skirt, Apostrophe shoes

Hello! This was something I wore to my nephew's first birthday party. The theme of the party was Mickey Mouse (well the invite was Mickey-themed, at least), and while it wasn't a requirement to dress up to theme, I still did so anyway because it's fun dressing with a theme. Like I said, it challenges you to stick to the requirement while still keeping your own personal style in check.

From Palawan pearl rings, Thomas Sabo Charm Club (Gifted) bracelet

I wanted to keep things very ~*~feminine~*~ and ~*~ladylike~*~ so I reached for some pearls. Despite being quality pearls, these rings were actually really cheap!

Oh My God belt

There is a story behind this belt. Let me tell you it: I have been a follower of the Liger girls for a while now, but despite my previous trips to Hong Kong, I never managed to find their store. Then, on my last trip to HK, my mom and I accidentally stumbled upon it, but we were already on our way home. We then made it our mission to drop by said store that weekend, and while I was a little reluctant to even step inside (because, hi, expensiveness), my mom was insistent that we at least take a peek. We did, and I was smitten as expected. I freaked out at this belt because HELLO MY OBSESSION WITH ALL THINGS TRANSPARENT, and lo and behold, it was on sale. Its sale price still wasn't something I was comfortable with, but my mom was like, "GET IT YOU WANT IT RIGHT GET IT AND THEN YOU CAN SAY YOU HAVE SOMETHING FROM THIS STORE." My mom is magical. I won't disclose its price, but it's not something I would normally spend on for a belt. Thank you Mama.

Vintage earrings

From Hong Kong socks

Ah, pretty velvet shoes. You DO know of my obsession with velvet things, right? I love Apostrophe, but they can be a little expensive at times, so I usually only get stuff I really, really like from there. Not that I am even there frequently, but you know. (They currently have a pair of houndstooth flats that I am lusting over huhuhu I don't even know where my growing obsession with houndstooth sprouted from.)

Secretly I was going to wear my yellow Minnie shoes, but they finally gave in and broke. Rest in peace, Minnie shoes. You were one of my favorite and earliest thrift finds.

I'm not sure why, but I felt very girly in this outfit. Maybe it was the dress, maybe it was my curled hair, OR MAYBE IT'S BECAUSE I AM ACTUALLY A GIRL??? Shocking News 2013.

Here also is a video of this outfit. Thank you for reading/watching! :D

Sunday, August 11, 2013

In Wolf's Clothing

YO. Another old outfit, but not old enough for me to be sporting a different hair color again HAHAHAHA. The only reason I haven't been posting immediately is because I've been pacing my posts. We wouldn't want an influx of Ina's face five days a week, wouldn't we?

From Hong Kong dress, tights and shoes

I am sorry for all the 'from HK' outfit deets. I've been wanting to wear my new buys out ever since I got back from HK, so I've been jumping on any chance I get. Future outfit posts will have a lot of 'from HK' deets again, so apologies in advance. I'm gross. On the note of Hong Kong, I feel like this is such an HK outfit. Not because most of the items are from that country, but because I saw a lot of people on the streets wearing a long skirt-tights-these kind of shoes combo.

I've come to really enjoy blogging/vlogging now. I mean, not that I never enjoyed it from the beginning, but I have a lot more genuine fun with it now. Maybe it's because Maronne and I have decided to scrap out voiceovers in our OOTD vids LOL I honestly never liked doing voiceovers from the very beginning. Way too awkward. I already struggle with having to blog about my clothes, what more actually having to voice them. If anything, I'd much rather speak here than in video. Also because irl when I talk casually my voice is relatively low and you've probably noticed how I kindov sound bored in voiceovers HAHA

Regina's spike bracelets, Greenhills tiangge skull bracelet, Folded & Hung barbed wire bracelet, from HK black rings, from Palawan pearl ring, Apostrophe eyeball bracelet, Tickles skull bracelet, from HK watch

from Hong Kong + Forever 21 necklaces

Lately I find myself reaching for delicate and dainty necklaces now. And bracelets. There's just something about their simplicity that seems so elegant. I still obsess over obnoxious accessories, but some days I like to pretend I can be demure, too.

from HK clutch bag

Human hat

I love how this hat gives some added spunk. I mean, you'd think it was just a regular ol' bowler hat but then BAM IN YOUR FACE SPIKES LET ME STAB YOU

I don't know if you would call this hipster or not, but I could care less because I love it. No, I didn't get it because of EXO gigglesnort. I genuinely wanted this. And then I saw the sheer bottom and freaked out because wow all the pretty.

Have a great week ahead, everybody!

Friday, August 9, 2013

HK Outfits

Just a collection of outfits during my last visit to Hong Kong. While my last OOTD collection vid for HK was about a month's worth of outfits, this one was about... 3 weeks, I'd say? You can tell there's a temperature difference between the previous video and this one because the former involved some sweater weather while this one includes... sleevelessness LOL It was so hot when I went back to HK! Also, not documented was my outfit to B.A.P LOE HK because I didn't have any time, but you can read about my experience over here!

This video may also be referred to as: "Let's watch Ina's already-faded pink hair gradually wash out into a blonde again!"

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

June Favorites (Outfits)

'SUP GUYS. This is what Maronne and I wore in our June Faves vid because not documenting an outfit you like feels like a waste. What feels like more of a waste is when you have an outfit you like but don't wear it out (for the record, I had someplace to be after we filmed.) Also, I never really know how to talk about my outfits, so this is always gonna be awkward, isn't it?

Forever 21 top and romper, from Hong Kong stockings, b + a b x Hello Kitty sneakers

I feel so gross whenever I wear so much of a brand; I have nothing against people who do so, really, but when it's me I just feel so iffy. To be honest I wasn't intending to wear that cat top, but my current hair color has resigned me to wear dark garments on my upper body. I get scared when my hair color stains my clothes or anything else even if I know it can come off anyway.

Anyway. My obsession with polka dots has now manifested in the form of stockings, hurray! The lace trimming at the bottom of my romper is actually a pair of shorts that I wore underneath because the romper was too short for comfort. Speaking of rompers, I don't own a lot of them (in fact, this may or may not be my only one- loljk I prolly have maybe one or two more) but this was on sale so why not? On the topic of sales, my shoes were on sale too! I originally wanted to get its gray counterpart, but the sizes left were too big for me, so black it was. I LOVE the bows on the front; I think it gives a nice punch of print and it's totes Hello Kitty. I'm not obsessed with sneaker wedges like Maronne, but I'm okay with them. I understand their appeal. I mean, I like how they look like sneaks but give you added height. So sneaky. (Lame pun completely intended.) I wouldn't really go out of my way for them though, but these were on sale. And Hello Kitty. And my mom insisted, so okay then. If anything I like how these don't have the obvious wedge that some sneaker wedges have.

Accessories-wise (watch the video for deets hoho), I'm wearing bracelets from Cotton On, rings from HK and a hand-me-down TAG Heuer watch from my mom.

Hey all, Maronne typing now, and I have stuck to my usual street garb. I'm probably going to be seen in a graphic shirt, like, 89% of the time. Maybe I should do a whole video on styling graphic shirts! Digressing, I agree with Ina. Talking about outfits is pretty difficult and I often find myself feeling like I'm rambling on pointlessly. "I love these shorts..." "These pants are so comfy.." Yeah well of course they are! That's why I'm wearing them and bothering to photograph them! Haha. I personally feel that with outfits, they kind of speak for themselves and seeing them is a style suggestion enough. But meh, even a little back story every now and then wouldn't hurt, eh? I just don't like feeling like I'm just throwing around words needlessly. 

Platinum Mall (Bangkok) shirt, Topshop jeans, Primadonna Wedges, Topshop beanie

I've always been a fan of more relaxed, masculine silhouettes, and opposing the "contrast something baggy with something more fitted to balance things out" "rule" (pfft, no it's not a rule) I love loose fitted shirts paired with baggy jeans-- with a casual hat like a bowler hat or a beanie as the cherry on top. Case in point: this look right here. To veer away from looking too sloppy and predictable, I piled on some chunky statement bling and slipped into some comfortable wedges-- one that looks feminine enough to add an interesting twist, but remains clean and simple enough to complement the whole look and not misplace itself.

By the by, those grey jeans have been with me since I was in high school! Thought I paid a fortune for 'em when I first got 'em, but I must say Topshop jeans are worth the wallet burn. They're pretty timeless and durable.

For a more detailed low-down of our outfits, watch the OOTD video below! If you wanna see some awkward dancing to some choice beats (or so we deem them), all the more reason for you to check it out.

You can also watch our June Favorites here, where we suggest various products, games, music.. Anything!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

May Favorites (Outfits)

Once upon a time, we filmed our first faves video (said video can be found here.) This is just a brief blog post on what we wore in that video, plus another set of outfits we prepared for photos to be used in the article we were featured in (which we talked about here.)

Zara top, H&M Kids Overalls, Lafayette beanie, Skechers sneaker wedges, K.Bell socks, KKXX for Stylenanda Bracelet

It's quite clear that I have an overall/suspender obsession. I used my first pair and documented it via an outfit compilation video. I've wanted them really badly for a long time, except they never seemed to be available anywhere in Manila except from in expensive high street stores. Finally, I obtained both my new overalls in Hong Kong during a pseudo shopping trip cum brief getaway with a friend. Even in Hong Kong I kinda went on a mad search until at the very last day a Eureka moment sort of happened and I decided to give the kids section in H&M a try-- lo and behold, I found this white one.

Red, white and black will always be a favorite color combination of mine. It can go from classy to spunky to goth and will always make a bold, but not obnoxious, statement. Initially I put the outfit together and nearly left home without the beanie, but decided to throw it on to give the whole look a neat little focal point and a punch of color. If you read what's written on the beanie, it reads "NY," which is usually known as an abbreviation for "New York," but the Y has the two slashes on it that indicate that it stands for Yen, the Japanese Currency. This beanie fuses two of my favorite places in the world: New York and Tokyo, and that, aside from the quality of the thread used, was what sold it for me.

PS, I got the beanie at Loading..., one of my favorite streetwear haunts in Hong Kong.

Stylenanda suspender pants, Topshop crop top, KKXX for Stylenanda bracelet, Nike shoes, Obey beanie

And here is a continuation of my overalls/suspenders obsession. Those black drop-crotch suspender pants are the most comfortable things EVER. In fact, this whole outfit felt like I was in pajamas. 

For some reason, I always enjoy the effect of lines intersecting over "holes" or openings with skin showing on outfits, like the way the suspenders go over my bare skin. There's something about creating intersecting lines and interesting shapes through a combination of hems, straps, cutouts, layering and the like that makes dressing up so exciting for me. Plus I'm just a fan of the aesthetic pleasantness of intertwined and intersecting lines in general.

Oh, and Stylenanda is a clothing website that I've recently been stalking to no end. All their clothes and their cosmetics speak to me. Haha!

Rebel Gear hat, borrowed from mom lace top, H&M dress, Cotton On  skirt, from HK socks and shoes

I call this my "drunken milkmaid" outfit. I didn't realize how pink it really was until I wore this outfit out with some friends and they all gushed at how pink I was. I'm pretty sure they were just subconsciously riding on the fact that my hair was pink and that was the first time they had seen the pink hair.

Thrifted (in HK) top, Thrifted dress, United Colors of Benetton (vintage) pants, from HK socks, People Are People shoes

Not many people know this but I have ALWAYS wanted an all-white outfit. I could've easily whipped something up, but I really wanted an all-white outfit with white pants, and all I had were skirts. For a while I was on the hunt for white pants in Hong Kong, and then my mom tells me she has a pair at home. When I got back, I found three. THREE. Bless the closet.

This also ended up being a very Wolf-looking outfit, but I swear on my life that EXO was far from my thoughts when this outfit happened. (However, I will admit that I really wanted a white beanie because of Sehun, and in the end it just topped off this entire outfit.) I wore this the day after we shot these, and said day turned out to be the weirdest date I've had with my friend Ana in the history of our friendship so far. It involved spices, a fashion designer, and jewelry with dogs. I'll let your imagination fly from there.

Check out the video for more outfit details!

Monday, July 15, 2013


The title seems a little misleading as it almost looks like I'm saying, "EWW, FOODS," but that isn't it. EWWS, a.k.a Everywhere We Shoot, held their first solo exhibit a few months ago (cue old backlog again) and being such a fan I knew I HAD to go.

Thrifted top, skirt and shoes, Folded & Hung cap

I went with my friend Camille who is also a fan, and so during the exhibit we mostly kept to ourselves while ogling at the magic of EWWS and silently fangirling while humbly basking in the presence of other magically artistic people. I feel like a pseudo-cool kid when I get the chance to attend events like these. (I only say 'pseudo-cool' because we all know I'm always gonna be uncool anyway.)

Forever 21/H&M/Bershka/Stradivarius rings

Forever 21 earrings and necklace

The video above chronicles not just my outfit but a couple of clips from the exhibit opening as well! Here you get to see the Vergara couple, Jujiin Samonte, Ana, my darling Camille, confetti, and food, naturally. Head on over to this post and you'll see just a few more pictures from the event!

What I said in the video about the holes in my top providing ventilation is one of the biggest lies ever, BECAUSE I WAS SWEATING BUCKETS BY THE TIME I WAS DONE DOCUMENTING MY OUTFIT. Sometimes I wonder how I even manage to pull off filming and photographing my outfits in all this heat...

From Hong Kong watch and white spiked choker/bracelet, Tickles skull bracelet

Le Sportsac (gifted) backpack

I hope some of you got to see the exhibit while it was still up! If you didn't, well... fingers crossed that EWWS has another exhibit that we can all come see again, hohoho. Congrats again to Ryan and Garovs!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS HUHUHU